Coaching Testimonials

“Robin Sierra is the rare and remarkable teacher who provides a ground from which a person can take one’s creative work further and become more authentic.”     J.Ruth Gendler, author of The Book of Qualities


“Robin Sierra facilitates breakthroughs in people’s lives. She is an exceptional teacher.”
Lucy Bell, Teacher, Writing Consultant.


“While inspiring people to look deeply within themselves, Robin is both direct and compassionate — a rare combination.”
Debra Chamberlin-Taylor, Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center


“Through my work with Robin I was being fully understood and encouraged to break through my creative blocks. Working with her felt safe and satisfying. Because of her compassion, sensitivity, and wisdom, I developed personal insights that I would not have had on my own.”
Charlsey Cartwright, former Executive Director of the California Career Resource Network (CalCRN) in Sacramento, CA.


“After working with Robin I realized that creativity isn’t necessarily about drawing or painting a picture, but about about the choices I make through my day, week, etc; how I look at my life through a creative lens. Then, I started to feel really good about just ‘being’.  Linda Crivaro, Nurse Asheville, NC


“Working with Robin, I have taken away some truly golden nuggets that are already helping me have a more expansive, fun and creative life. I recommend her  to anyone interesting in self-exploration and growth. Don’t be afraid – there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain.”    Anne Alexander, Business Coach, Asheville, NC


“Working with Robin was a great experience! Robin’s wisdom, deep strength and support helped me gain fresh perspectives and a new spark to life.”   Anne Wray

“’Working with Robin doesn’t just mean a pursuit of art, but a pursuit of a point of view that allows for creative energy to flow into everyday situations.”     Lisa Carpenter, Realtor

“Robin’s class gave me tools to explore how I hold myself back from being creative. I have become aware of things I need to address in my life to make it more fulfilling. I would recommend it to anyone who feels stuck in routine.”   Lisa Lowry

I am more committed to making creative activity a consistent part of my life and trusting my instinctive intuitive self. Working with Robin helps get the “juices flowing” or keeps them from running dry!     Morgana Morgaine

The class helped me open my doors of creativity.  I’d recently moved here and had been caught up in a million “to-dos” starting a new job, opening up my practice again, etc.  Robin was gifted in helping me sink back down into myself, so I could hear my own voices again—all the whiny, grouchy, funny voices, as well as the enlightened ones.     Patti Elledge, Somatic Experiencing Practioner

“After working with Robin, I began playing the guitar again, got a harmonica, and wrote a poem every day in March!”    Ann Bohan

“Robin’s class was a safe environment that made me feel that anything is possible.”   KC Childs