Creativity Coaching – Mentoring

robin logo favicon“The Artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist”

Ananda Coomaraswamy

Do you feel a passion to express your creative self and transform whatever is holding you back from living more creatively?  Whether it be in the areas of your professional, personal, emotional, or artistic life, sessions with Robin will give you the encouragement and guidance to release your withheld or blocked creative expression which in turn will bring you more energy, enthusiasm and joy.

How the sessions work:  All of life itself is inherently creative. Robin’s work is not confined or defined by one particular technique or system. Through deep listening and responding to your unique needs, strengths and challenges, you will be supported and encouraged to break out of stuck patterns so you can lead a more expressive and soul-filled life.

With over thirty years of meditation, intensive inner-work, as a workshop leader, and a life- long fine artist, Robin brings a rare combination of depth, insightful feedback, creativity, and compassion to her clients.

Robin has taught at retreat centers, colleges and non-profit organizations including Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, Portland State University, Ghost Ranch Retreat Center, Canyon Ranch, University of Arizona Medical Center, and Tucson Medical Center Hospice.

Sessions available in person and by phone or Skype.Robin Sierra