Praise for R.Sierra Art

Your art is outside of words.  That is its value to me.  I know things when I see your paintings that I couldn’t know otherwise.  You are speaking color, a primordial language of the sacred world.  It is a language even beyond dreams. What I encounter in your paintings is something essential and distilled, a wellspring from which I source a will to live, to persist, to be a guardian.”  Carolyn Raffensperger  Executive director of the Science and Environmental Health Network.


Robin Sierra paints from the inside out. If human emotion, sensitivity and mystery were to come alive and take form in the physical world, I  believe that embodiment would look something like Robin’s  work.  Standing before one of her subtle yet powerful works,  one feels a resonance deep within — a sense that this is the actual nature of things.   Jerry Wennstrom, Author of The Inpsired Heart, Artist


Robin, I believe in you and about you and in your art. Your art speaks to me on levels that rings into my cells. I sometimes stare at your paintings and cry. I don’t even try to understand it anymore. I just know artists are there to heal the soul. Thank you.  Carolyn Avalani



“Your art honors the Mystery of a Sacred Domain and touches the “Great Mystery” directly without verbal/explanatory mind intervention,  straight to the Heart!   Owner of Sky David Studio  SKY-DAVID STUDIO is a full service animation production house with an emphasis on naturalistic drawn and computer hybrid animation.


“What beautiful, luminous expressions your works are. I’m new to your work, and I’m sure that seeing these ‘live’ is even more uplifting. The impression I have is that they are informed by that which is grounded in our lives on this sometimes painful, but always beautiful planet and also the knowledge of ourselves as something celestial with a huge range of possibilities.”     Janice Jacobson, Corporate and Personal Ergonomic & Wellness Consulting


“Really fine work. It touches the soul.”   Meryl Steinberg  Sales and Marketing Consultant


Robin, your life expression is extraordinary. The world is so blessed by you and your art.  Bonnie Ann Burnett, art collector


I don’t know how you do it, Robin. I don’t know how you create the amazing light in your paintings.  Eileen Bradley