About My Art

“The true artist is not concerned with the likeness of form, but aims at bringing forth the rhythm that pulsates within it, and then is carried to the beholder.”
— Su Tung-p’o, 10th C. Chinese poet 

Robin SierraSome might call my work abstract art, but that label has never felt comfortable to me. I think of my work as Painted Poems™. Colors and forms that draw you through a doorway from your everyday reality and routine and into a deeper part of yourself that inspires your own imagination.

My paintings are a language unto themselves that express feelings beneath words which speak directly to the heart, mind and soul.  And because they are not so much copies of objects as events in themselves, the paintings invite viewers to participate, to bring in their own experiences, stories, and emotions. They are not monologues but dialogues. They are not only paintings, but reflecting pools.

 My artwork is a spontaneous conversation between me and what I put on canvas, similar to musical improvisation. Once the first stroke is down, I become committed to the process and it takes on a life of its own. As with life, I work with what presents itself, allowing for both light and dark, mystery and grace.

Through various techniques, and a balance between guiding the materials and letting the materials guide me, I’m working to emulate natural processes, patterns, designs and rhythms that reveal themselves when you view nature with careful attention. My influences are the natural world and the inner world. On one hand: mottled light in the forest, the interiors of rocks, the color of rust on an old shovel, cracks in the sidewalk, as well as galaxies and nebulas.  On the other hand: emotional states, encompassing the fullness of who we are both the chaos and the calm, the joy as well as the sorrow.

My intention is to capture the rhythms and essences that pulsate inside all things. Similar to Jackson Pollock’s philosophy, I’m not painting nature so much as I am nature, painting.


My artwork is in corporate, public and private collections in the U.S. and abroad. My paintings and prints are also for sale through this site and in galleries.